Speechwriting, training and MC’ing

Few of us will go through life not having to give a speech at some stage. From school, 21sts, weddings, to presentations and speeches for work – they happen.

Speeches are a great way of developing credibility and authority. We have extensive speechwriting experience, and can prepare speeches, and also provide training and tips on not only how to write a great speech – but how to deliver it.

Our expertise in this area are fourfold. We can:

  • Prepare speeches. We love writing, and we love writing speeches!
  • Work with you on how to prepare your own speeches and / or how to present them. How to tell your story, in your own words, your own way.
  • We also offer media training and advice: How to work with journalists, understanding their needs, preparing and rehearsing, and keeping calm. We’ve done it ourselves and we know what needs to be done to make a great interview.
  • Host or MC events such as conferences, as panel moderator or as the on-stage interviewer at one of these events.